2017 in books

Always keep learning. Books help me to do this. In 2017 I read 80 of them. Not that quantity matters that much, but I’m quite confident that the majority of them taught me something new. Some of them even changed my perspective on life.

Here you will find a list with all of them. Feel free to ask me any questions about specific books, or if you need a recommendation.

We recorded a special podcast episode where I go a bit more into detail together with Pablo.

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Name Author Category
Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson Bio
Elon Musk Ashlee Vance Bio
Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger Bio
Titan: the life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr Ron Chernow Bio
Benjamin Franklin Walter Isaacson Bio
The Power Broker Robert A. Caro Bio
Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world Jack Weatherford Bio
Consiglieri Richard Hytner Business
The Ideal Team Player Patrick Lencioni Business
The e-myth revisited Michael Gerber Business
Jab Jab Right Hook Gary Vaynerchuk Business
Million Dollar Consulting Alan Weiss Business
SPIN selling Neil Rackham Business
Pitch Anything Oren Klaff Business
Million Dollar Consulting Proposals Alan Weiss Business
Purple Cow Seth Godin Business
The Dip Seth Godin Business
Perennial Seller Ryan Holiday Business
Growth Hacker Marketing Ryan Holiday Business
The Effective Executive Peter Drucker Business
100 Midcentury Chairs Lucy Ryder Richardson Design & Art
Eames – Beautiful Details Eames Demetrios Design & Art
Ender’s game Orson Scott Card Fiction
The Graveyard Book Neil Gaiman Fiction
Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy Douglas Adams Fiction
How to get filthy rich in rising Asia Mohsin Hamid Fiction
What Makes Sammy Run? Budd Schulberg Fiction
Speaker for the dead Orson Scott Card Fiction
Musashi Eiji Yoshikawa Fiction
The Millionaire Booklet Grant Cardone Finance
Unshakeable Tony Robbins Finance
The Sale of a Lifetime Harry Dent Finance
Unscripted MJ Demarco Finance
The Intelligent Investor Benjamin Graham Finance
Waterloo Bernard Cornwell History
Nagasaki Susan Southard History
The Fall Of The Ottomans Eugene Rogan History
Once in a great city: a Detroit story David Maraniss History
The One Minute Workout Martin Gibala Nutrition & Fitness
The Shallows Nicholas Carr Self-Development
10X rule Grant Cardone Self-Development
Leaders eat last Simon Sinek Self-Development
Tools of titans Tim Ferriss Self-Development
Relentless Tim Grover Self-Development
The Subtle Are of Not Giving A Fuck Mark Manson Self-Development
Be Obessed Or Be Average Grant Cardone Self-Development
The 7 Habits of highly effective people Stephen Covey Self-Development
The obstacle is the way Ryan Holiday Self-Development
Ego is the enemy Ryan Holiday Self-Development
Outliers Malcolm Gladwell Self-Development
Curcial Conversations Kerry Patterson Self-Development
Poor Charlie’s Almanak Charlie Munger Self-Development
The Compound Effect Darren Hardy Self-Development
Daily Stoic Ryan Holiday Self-Development
As A Man Thinketh James Alan Self-Development
The Moral Animal Robert Wright Self-Development
No excuses Brian Tracy Self-Development
Man’s search for meaning Viktor Frankl Self-Development
Mastery Robert Greene Self-Development
Homo Deus Yuval Noah Harari Self-Development
On the shorntess of life Seneca Self-Development
Four Hour Body Tim Ferriss Self-Development
The one thing Gary Keller Self-Development
Turn the ship around! David Marquet Self-Development
Meditations Marcus Aurelius Self-Development
The War of Art Steven Pressfield Self-Development
Freakonomics Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner Self-Development
Together is better Simon Sinek Self-Development
Essentialism Greg Mckeown Self-Development
Moonwalking with Einstein Joshua Foer Self-Development
Disrupt Yourself Jay Samit Self-Development
The life-changing magic of tidying Marie Kondo Self-Development
Glass Jaw Eric Dezenhall Self-Development
The art of war Sun Tsu Self-Development
River Out Of Eden Richard Dawkins Self-Development
The Kybalion Three Initiates Self-Development
Zero To One Peter Thiel Self-Development
Vagabonding Rolf Potts Self-Development
Tribe Of Mentors Tim Ferriss Self-Development
Principles Ray Dalio Self-Development

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