To help people hustle in a corporate world. was created to help people who want to hustle in a corporate world.

When you’re young and excited about life, you want to hustle. It’s your instinct. And that’s good ! Now when you look online for tips, you end up with tons of advice on ‘how to hustle in business’. And it’s all about becoming and entrepeneur or living the laptop lifestyle as a freelancer.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but for some it might seem that there are only two choices in life. You can either start your own business or you can join the ratrace of the corporate world and be stuck there for life.

You feel like you failed, even though you only just started.

In my blog I want to help people who want to hustle in this corporate world. I worked in 2 big companies for the last 8 years and have developped skills that helped me being excited about my job every single day.

And by skills I’m not talking about learning to work with a new tool. I’m talking about being able to solve problems and getting shit done.

How did I learn those skills?

Most companies will provide you with some practical trainings like an excel course or the much-feared presentation skills training. If you’re lucky you might get some additional courses a couple of times a year. Nevertheless, most employees complain about not getting enough training.

And they are right about that.

But they are also very wrong. If your mindset is to sit back and look at what courses a company is giving you and complaining that it’s not enough. You’re not hustling..

The fact that you’re reading this, means that you are trying to find advice elsewhere. Good.

You’re on your own. This is the mindset that helped me get ahead. You’re on your own ! That might sound scary, but it’s also your biggest advantage. Because nobody else is hustling. Most people want to come in in the morning, spent the least amount of effort acceptable in their job and then go home and do the same thing again the next day. They sell their time for money and look at external factors to make it less painful in some way.

And that is the secret.

This is the most important mindset you can have.

It all has to come from yourself. YOU !

Don’t bother about what the vibe is around you or how people work. Create your own vibe and drag people into that. If you’re the one who never has a bad day and is always willing to get shit done, people are going to want to be around you. Especially your manager.

Why hustle?

This is the best way for me to enjoy what I’m doing. Every day I go to work with the mindset ‘if I was working at Mcdonalds, I would still be having a blast today’. I enjoy seeing the results of my hustle. When I create value for the business by solving problems, I feel happy. When I can help the people around me to step outside their comfort zone I feel proud. I don’t have a long-term goal, I focus all my attention on the present moment and how to have fun in the process. And by doing this, good things have happened to me.

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  1. Great article bro, keep it up!!

  2. Jp

    Great read! A battle cry for the hustle!

  3. Jimmy

    Great stuff. Love the hustle!

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