Why you should shift from a ‘victim’ mindset to a ‘you’ mindset at work.

So many people have this victim mindset where they work.

They work hard and they feel like they ‘deserve’ something.

When you do this, most of the time you’ll be frustrated because you’re not getting what you think you ‘deserve’.

You will also waste loads of energy thinking and worrying about this.

There is an alternative.

Rather than working hard for your boss, do it for you.

You know this amazing feeling when you get home and you got a lot of stuff done?

That’s because you did it for you.

This is the feeling you always want.

Assume that nobody cares.

And work hard for yourself.

Get your satisfaction from the work itself.

Not from praise or credit or recognition in any way.

You will hustle a lot more effective.

You will create art and value.

People will enjoy working with you more.

Because you don’t have a ‘second agenda’.

And the paradox is that this is what managers are looking for.

Managers hate it when their people try to impress them by telling them how busy they are.

Hustle and show results. That’s all that counts.

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Ward De Bock is an entrepreneur and former corporate warrior. He started his career at 18, dealing cards in Belgian casinos. In May 2017 he decided to start his own business. He is currently consulting for some of the biggest online gambling websites. His plan is to become the #1 expert advisor in the online gambling business.